Adiktive is an Ad Server that has been developed by a team with vast knowledge in the online advertising industry and knows exactly on how to best monetize your display traffic.

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Ads Server

Serves all type of display and link traffic for: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices in responsive or fixed dimensions zones. Supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, and Gif.


Tracking impressions, clicks and conversions from your ads, or use the Tracker with other platforms.

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Ads Server Monthly Impressions
$ 49.99 1,000,000
$ 999.99 100,000,000
$ 2499.99 500,000,000
1 billion -> contact us
Tracker Monthly Impressions
please -> contact us

About Us

Adiktive is a small team of entrepreneurs located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands that has vast experience in buying traffic. Setting up, managing and optimizing campaigns for multiple clients in different verticals, and, optimizing advertisers back end.

We have used multiple platforms out there but there is no platform that has been developed by the actual users. Meaning all the platforms are difficult to use, they don’t have all the needed features and requires a lot of testing before you can use it properly. Therefore we have built Adiktive to help you monetize all your traffic in an easy and simple way.

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At the moment, we are still in development mode.
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